Trail Running - Coach Dan

Everyone who knows me, knows I enjoy running. I love the feeling of being able to just throw in headphones, say f*** the world, and just go. However, I specifically love trail and off road running. There is a huge difference between normal and trail/off road running. First, you have to be more observant of your surroundings (in my opinion) with trail running. There will be more obstacles to avoid, and nature to preserve. HOWEVER, it is BY FAR the most beautiful kind of running you can do. It's natural. It's peaceful. So, if you have never tried it before... what the f*** are you waiting for?? Throw on your sturdiest shoes, find a trail, and just f****** run! 


Spartan races are intense endurance and strength courses that test you mentally and physically. Focus on your training. Train every muscle group. Train your running and cardio. Most importantly, train your mind. Your brain is going to tell you to quit, that its too much, its too hard. Your brain is a little b****! You CAN and WILL get through everything you set in front of you. Face the challenge and tell it to f*** off because you are a God D*** beast and will CRUSH your goal! So stop waiting, stop wasting time, start training for your Spartan race NOW!