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Get fit as f***

Coach Dan

Coach Dan is a NETA certified personal trainer, Spartan Coach, Certified Veteran Fitness Operative, NASM certified nutrition coach, and United States Army veteran. All this basically makes him a bada** mother f*****.


Check out the bada**

stage left...

Coach Dan does all the things. He is an avid runner and obstacle course racer. But he can help you reach whatever goal you have. He spends most of his time working or with his children, but when he's training, he's a straight f****** savage. 



Coach Dan attended FitOps where he received his personal training certification. He continues to work with the foundation and helps other veterans maintain their sobriety and learn to use fitness to combat mental health issues.

To learn more about FitOps and to support their mission please visit

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Coach Dan is a certified Spartan Coach! Follow on FB, or message us for details on when and where classes will be held! Get ready to get SPARTAN FIT! AROO!

Want to get FIT AS F***?

Get ahold of me to learn more about individual and group training! Come get FIT AS F*** with me!

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